Simplify to Amplify: The AccuFix Philosophy

Skin care has a much larger impact on skin health than most people assume it does. You don't need to use a lot of products in your routine to see results - more often than not, all you need are a cleanser or face wash, a moisturiser, and a sunblock. It is however, essential that every single product you use on your skin is properly formulated, and designed to work with your skin, not against it.  Even a single subpar product can cause lasting damage. 

We also believe that skincare should be clean and effective. Toxic ingredients can be sourced from synthetic and natural sources. Here at AccuFix Cosmetics, we are committed to using clean, biocompatible ingredients that offer tangible benefits for your skin. We stay away from suspicious or harmful ingredients including drying alcohols and SLS, and ensure that active ingredients are at efficacious levels. Our range is designed to help you reap maximum benefit with a minimum number of products.


Our product's are gentle and respect the integrity of your skin's barrier

Substandard products damage your skin and impair its ability to keep water and nutrients in and harmful chemicals and bacteria out. Skin becomes unhealthy and sensitised and ages prematurely.

We don't take shortcuts and formulate with integrity

Our formulations are free from fillers, formaldehyde, drying alcohol and several other skin damaging ingredients. We believe in bringing you only the best, and the results speak for themselves.