• Yasmeen Naseer

everything you need to know about double cleansing

You may have heard that your skincare needs to wear different hats at different times of the day. In the morning, your skin is going to be exposed to the elements. You’ll be subjected to the sun, humidity, pollution, makeup, and bacteria. Daytime skincare then, should seek to protect your skin from environmental factors.

At night, as you sleep, your skin’s hydration levels decline and your body kicks into repair mode. The majority of cell turnover and regeneration occur when your body is in REM sleep. It’s for this reason that night creams are generally heavier and more nourishing, and come packed with actives that help the skin repair itself. Part of getting the most out of your nighttime routine also ensures making sure that you get all the day’s dirt and grime off your skin so they don’t continue to incur free radical damage (oxidative damage/stress) as you sleep. This damage then contributes to ageing, pigmentation and breakouts. It also entails preparing your skin to be able to absorb the maximum amount of product that you apply onto it. And that’s where the double cleanse steps in.

The double cleanse is part of the Korean 10-step skincare routine. While you don’t have to necessarily follow the entire, might I say, tedious, skincare routine to see results, (and in fact, we believe that in most instances, less is more) you can definitely benefit by incorporating a double cleanse into your routine.

Very simply, double cleansing involves two steps. The first step involves using an oil based cleanser, such as a cleansing balm or a cleansing oil, to break down makeup, SPF and excess sebum and then following up with a water based cleanse that removes impurities like sweat, bacteria and dead skin cells. Not only will this clean a lot deeper, but it will also allow any actives that you follow up with to penetrate your skin better and work more effectively.

From my personal experience, balms or oil-based cleansers feel very gentle on the skin, and do an excellent job of cleaning, especially if you’re wearing a full face of makeup. They’re heavy on emollients and don’t contain harsh surfactants, like sodium lauryl sulfate, that can potentially dry out and sensitise your skin. This makes them an excellent choice even for the most sensitive of skin types.

You might be wondering whether a regular cleanser doesn’t already do what a double cleanse might. And the short answer is that it doesn’t. You especially need to double-cleanse if you live in a polluted city, and wear sunscreen or makeup, as sunscreen, makeup and city grime, can be hard to wash off with just a single cleanse.

We’re jumping on the double cleansing bandwagon with our new launch: the Butter but Better Cleansing Balm. Follow it up with the AccuFix Salicylic Acid Cleanser for a deep yet gentle cleanse that your skin will love you for.


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