why we're starting a YouTube channel

As someone who spent almost a decade of her life with a face covered in acne, I know that the struggle is real. Lots of well-meaning people tell us to try this remedy and that, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We go to doctor’s hoping they can tell us why we’re suffering the way we are but more often than not we walk out with a prescription that we don’t understand and a reprimand if we ask questions.

But that’s exactly how we feel acne sufferers should not be treated. We made our mission to make an active effort to educate people about the condition, bust myths and help them understand what works and what doesn’t and why. We made it our mission to provide support that acne sufferers often seek but aren’t able to find in those who’ve never been through that experience.

Acne is not your fault, but there are steps that you can take to help your skin heal. With that in mind we make an effort to have a conversation with everyone who reaches out and to educate them. However, as the brand has grown, we’ve found that even with multiple people responding to messages, we aren’t always able to respond to our community as quickly as we’d like and decided that one of the best ways to solve this problem moving forward would be to set up a YouTube channel to make all the necessary information publicly available in a format that most people tend to find most enjoyable and easy to consume - video.

We’ve already been releasing information on and off in the form of blogs on our website for quite some time now and hope that the new YouTube channel will be a valuable addition.

If you have any feedback, thoughts or ideas, or have any topics that you’d like us to cover, drop a comment under any of our blogs or videos or reach out to us over social media.

Keep learning and love always,

Yasmeen <3